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Here you will find in near future more information about the place, which his one Frank Zappa described with the words "Home is where the Heart is". I lost and found mine in Cambodia.

What started with another holiday in Asia for me in autumn 2004, soon became a small project already in late 2004, coordinated by email. My second visit proved it to be what I expected, and private relationships developed also.

What now is and soon will be - soon more.

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Cambodia - a beautiful country with a rich culture, populated with a lot of great people, is stepping forward into a better future - which is a hard work of recovery from the set-backs of the 70ties to equate with the achievements of its neighbouring countries.

I am happy that I can contribute a little bit to the development here. But, since I encountered unexpected problems which are still pending and seem to be difficult to be solved, I don´t want to report more about that in this early stage. There is still too much uncertainty about the future of the project - if the first milestone will be reached, I will be happy to tell you more .. .


Some of the most impressive views which could be documented.


The view over Serendipity Beach (in the front) to Ocheateal Beach


The former Bayon Beach Bar & Restaurant (in the center, to the left of Coasters) at Serendipity Beach - everything is developing and changing fast in that booming seaside resort.



Many Thanks and Greetings to Roger and to Sokun,

And especially to my beloved Sothy - freshing kisses from Germany!


My heart is yearning so much for you, hold on, darling, our time will come ..


Sokhapheap Lo'or Anakot Bovor Rong Reung!

Wishing a World of Peace, Love and Laughter!



Monks gathering in front of the former Bayon Beach Bar & Restaurant at Serendipity Beach - This remarkable photo is a courtesy of Roger Nault - you can visit him at Karmaland.org to read and see more about him and making his living in Cambodia as an expat.